Friday, June 14, 2013

So. Virginia's kinda cold.

So, as most of you already know, I go to a small school in Virginia but have lived in Texas for the past 14+ years. And, in case you are as blissfully unaware as I was, the climate is slightly different. 
To give you a better idea, I refer to myself as "cold-blooded" because I am cold 99.9% of the time. On the few occasions that I have actually lowered my climate control in the car, my family and friends have made it seem like a lifetime achievement. 

I will never forget the first day that I emerged from my dorm in my quintessential cardigan (not for fashion - for warmth) and I was frigid. It had reached Antarctic levels - 50 degrees. I was not prepared for this. That was also the day that I ordered two of the greatest purchases of my life: my thermal blanket and my puffer jacket. There wasn't a day following their arrival that they weren't used. 
Pic of me on the first cold day. Had to be carried home by public safety, wasn't even drunk.

I'm pretty sure that there were moments that my love for the two became uncomfortable for others. We now have an uncomfortably intimate relationship. I think there was a total of two days that I went without wearing my puffer ALL day following its arrival, and (*fire hazard*), there wasn't a moment the thermal blanket wasn't plugged in, ready to defrost me. 
Yes, I was also that girl that wore a light puffer to the Spring Term beach party. But, okay, it was a light puffer. 

Possible splurge for next winter?

Seriously though, if you are Northward bound at any time in this coming year there are two things you cannot live without: 
This Walmart beauty. 
Or this absolute Godsend. 

Basically, a word from the wise, even if it seems to hot to even think about, its the season to invest in puffers, fleece, and thermal gear. 

Happy summer!


  1. Another great post! My favorite pic is in the pink sweater hood thing.

  2. Awh, thank you so much, Katie. You're blog is hilarious! Admire your talent so much!