Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Madewell: the brand we all love, but can't afford. Well, now it's possible - kinda - take 15% off if you show your student ID card. Yes, I know that's a tempting offer, to pull out your horrendous picture and show it off to the cool, casual model working behind the counter. Sooo worth it, though. 

Let's begin with one of my favorite things, sunglasses. Do yourself a favor, protect your eyes for the future, its for health reasons. And, do it in style. 
 Both are the Hepcat Shades. Seriously, just imagine the retro-cool vibe you'd give off. 

I mean, you obviously need them. 
Can go with every look - hipster, preppy, chic, sophisticated - they're so versatile. 

Please take a look at my newest purchase, the Transport Tote in true black. And, yes, I did get the scarf to go along with it. 
Things I want to be able to pull off: the Rachel Comey Blue Medallion Bikini

The flowing simplicity of the Bungalow Maxidress is perfect to be either dressed up or down. I'm feeling a casual Downton Abbey-esqe picnic?

The color and cut of the Silhouette Dress is beyond not real. Get in a box and on my body. 

Just two more things to add to my imaginary wardrobe. 
The outbound jacket is a military olive green that could edge-up any frilly summer dress. 
Now onto the Veda X Madewell Leather Jacket. Admittedly, if given the opportunity, I would marry this jacket. The cool leather sleeves on the jean jacket are the perfect addition. 
I would like to wear this. Every day. 

UhHhHhH, so glad their inventory is totally horrible and I don't want ANY of it.
**~Reverse Psychology~**

Madewell, you're murdering my bank account. 

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