Friday, June 14, 2013

So. Virginia's kinda cold.

So, as most of you already know, I go to a small school in Virginia but have lived in Texas for the past 14+ years. And, in case you are as blissfully unaware as I was, the climate is slightly different. 
To give you a better idea, I refer to myself as "cold-blooded" because I am cold 99.9% of the time. On the few occasions that I have actually lowered my climate control in the car, my family and friends have made it seem like a lifetime achievement. 

I will never forget the first day that I emerged from my dorm in my quintessential cardigan (not for fashion - for warmth) and I was frigid. It had reached Antarctic levels - 50 degrees. I was not prepared for this. That was also the day that I ordered two of the greatest purchases of my life: my thermal blanket and my puffer jacket. There wasn't a day following their arrival that they weren't used. 
Pic of me on the first cold day. Had to be carried home by public safety, wasn't even drunk.

I'm pretty sure that there were moments that my love for the two became uncomfortable for others. We now have an uncomfortably intimate relationship. I think there was a total of two days that I went without wearing my puffer ALL day following its arrival, and (*fire hazard*), there wasn't a moment the thermal blanket wasn't plugged in, ready to defrost me. 
Yes, I was also that girl that wore a light puffer to the Spring Term beach party. But, okay, it was a light puffer. 

Possible splurge for next winter?

Seriously though, if you are Northward bound at any time in this coming year there are two things you cannot live without: 
This Walmart beauty. 
Or this absolute Godsend. 

Basically, a word from the wise, even if it seems to hot to even think about, its the season to invest in puffers, fleece, and thermal gear. 

Happy summer!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

cauliflower in a cup

So I whipped up a little something special for dinner last night: cauliflower "risotto." This is a super easy-to-make dish that pairs well with nearly anything. Not only is it the perfect texture, but it tastes creamy. 

Basically what you need:

  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 2 cups of vegetable/chicken broth (low sodium works just fine)
  • 1/2 sweet onion
  • 1-2 tsp of garlic paste
Rice the cauliflower in a food processor as you sauté the garlic and onion together. Mix in the cauliflower and add the broth in small intervals to ensure all of the flavor is absorbed in the process. Serve as desired. 

For mine, I added some eggs/veggie burger, squash, zucchini, broccoli, carrots and a TON of nutritional yeast. It was, well yeah, wow. 
For my mom's I filled a red bell pepper with the risotto and covered it in cottage cheese. I put the pepper-cup in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes and then browned the cheese with a few minutes in the broiler. 

This recipe was an adaptation of Foodie Fiasco's original recipe. I was out of mushrooms this time so I left them out - I've made it before with them and they are definitely a great addition. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Madewell: the brand we all love, but can't afford. Well, now it's possible - kinda - take 15% off if you show your student ID card. Yes, I know that's a tempting offer, to pull out your horrendous picture and show it off to the cool, casual model working behind the counter. Sooo worth it, though. 

Let's begin with one of my favorite things, sunglasses. Do yourself a favor, protect your eyes for the future, its for health reasons. And, do it in style. 
 Both are the Hepcat Shades. Seriously, just imagine the retro-cool vibe you'd give off. 

I mean, you obviously need them. 
Can go with every look - hipster, preppy, chic, sophisticated - they're so versatile. 

Please take a look at my newest purchase, the Transport Tote in true black. And, yes, I did get the scarf to go along with it. 
Things I want to be able to pull off: the Rachel Comey Blue Medallion Bikini

The flowing simplicity of the Bungalow Maxidress is perfect to be either dressed up or down. I'm feeling a casual Downton Abbey-esqe picnic?

The color and cut of the Silhouette Dress is beyond not real. Get in a box and on my body. 

Just two more things to add to my imaginary wardrobe. 
The outbound jacket is a military olive green that could edge-up any frilly summer dress. 
Now onto the Veda X Madewell Leather Jacket. Admittedly, if given the opportunity, I would marry this jacket. The cool leather sleeves on the jean jacket are the perfect addition. 
I would like to wear this. Every day. 

UhHhHhH, so glad their inventory is totally horrible and I don't want ANY of it.
**~Reverse Psychology~**

Madewell, you're murdering my bank account. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

No, Vicki, we cannot "whoop-it-up."

And so began Part 2 of the Puerto Vallarta trip on the Real Housewives of Orange County…

As Tamra mounted the bar at Vicki's "old haunt," Andale's (which, can I just say, became her go-to word of the night. She occasionally alternated to her mantra, "whoop it up," something that I have no interest joining her in.) Gretchen gossiped in the back of the limo with Heather like two middle schoolers in the bathroom.
Tamra donned a corsette and climbed on top of a taxi. How old are you.

Then the mouse from Cinderella came onto the screen and tried to stir things up. Oh wait, that's just Lydia.

As if that weren't enough for a one-hour show, Vicki - uh, unburdened - her bladder in Tamra's bed. Okay. 

Looks like Vicki might need to upgrade to the heavy duty stuff.

As the women headed out of the hotel perfectly hungover, they immediately tried to lighten the mood with "erotic" toys in the back of a limo. And then the poor guy making every effort to give the ladies a tour of the city…he will never be the same.
Next, as the great parable goes, The Great Flood of Gretchen began. 

Thank God she had someone there to comfort her.

And if I hear about one more friendship bracelet…

Also, Alexis' husband or John Travolta?
The great part is, he even takes on Travolta's creepy, bad guy role in The Taking of Pelham 123. 

Enter: strippers. 
End of post.

Okay, just kidding, but really. I don't think the ladies were needing a pregnancy test (that ship has sailed), but rather a test for any new STDs. Please just take a look at the location of Gretchen's head through the majority of the scenes. Yes, it was inside the crotch of a, just short of high end, stripper. 

The rest of the episode is a blur. Until Lydia's ears/teeth took over the screen again and she tried to stir the pot. 
Until next week… 

Favorite line. Ever. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

And, we're back.

No, bloggers/readers/friends-alike, it hasn't been you, it's been me. I took quite a hiatus from blogging - September (ew) - due to my whole-hearted dedication to my freshman year of college. One or two things have changed in the time since… I got invited back (i.e. I passed all my classes), I joined a sorority, I made a friend or two, I have a boyfriend, and I am now a microwave cooking guru. 
My life under a rock.
Following sorority recruitment, the social scene at school completely realigned and I had a whole new group of friends beyond the ones that I had already made. It was a great time to break down the walls of the exclusive friend groups. Walking into the dining hall no longer required a mass text to see who was in there, I was always able to walk in and find a table to join. 

I met a ton of new, very different, people. Luckily, my hall was an even bigger blessing than I could have ever imagined. They were always there for me, and I always had a friend to talk to or keep me company. 

The library became my home-away-from-dorm and several of the nicest people I had the pleasure of meeting were either from the dining hall or Kroger. 

Yes, this is 3 separate occasions. I wasn't kidding about living there.

On a rare occasion, I'd head out to attend a small gathering of people…kind of a kick-back… nothing more needs to be said. My family reads this. 

I am now a member of Kappa Delta. #SratLife
Fortunately, I was blessed with an amazing pledge class. They're great girls with big personalities and hearts to match. Next year I will be living in an on-campus apartment with three of my sorority sisters and my best friends - we opted out of the sorority house living….

My biggest take away came from the brilliant mind of one of the upperclassmen, "You can always retake a class, but you can't relive a party." Words to live by. 

So, in conclusion, just wanted to give you guys the heads up that I'm back, and I'm bad. Here we go again. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

little lessons

Alright, so I have experienced almost an entire month of college thus far, so I'm basically an expert on the topic - well, not quite yet. But anyway, here's an update on the short amount of a college career that I have experienced.

1. I have already moved dorms.

I started out in what I was aware was the "party dorm." I am completely okay with partying, don't get me wrong, but there is a fine line between having a good time and ending up in the health center. I was carrying girls to their dorms nightly and saving them from semi-dressed, belligerently drunk, college boys roaming the halls.
I had to leave my room during "quiet hours" on a weeknight to tell my self-absorbed neighbors to keep it down. I had been sick for a few days and they had all been aware.
They made comments as they walked past my open door, knowing that I could hear every word of their conversation.

2. Do what makes you happy.

You have four years of this. Don't both wasting a moment in a bad situation. It's a waste of time and energy to be in a bad situation when making a little effort can take some time, but dramatically change your level of happiness.
In my new dorm, I am so happy. The girls are welcoming, inclusive, and caring.

3. Be Yourself.

Yes, cliche, I know. But truer words have never been spoken. With my new friends, I am the most "me" that I have ever been. They are accepting and open to my moments of crazy and quiet. They are the kinds of girls that possess genuine concern for their friends, doing everything they can to help them and make them happy.
Going into a new situation, many people can "adjust" their personalities in accordance with what they think their peers would like to hear.

4. Every night does not have to be a party.

Over the past month, the moments that I have shared with my new friends that have brought us closer have always been what would seem to be the least exciting. Our trips to the local Walmart, Kroger, Health Food Store, and FroYo Shop have always been our most fun outings.
Sitting in someone's dorm room, eating ice cream, and watching Gilmore Girls can be the highlight of your week. Don't ever feel the pressure to go out. Yes, be social, but don't feel an obligation to go out every single night and kill brain cells. Have respect for yourself, your grades, and others, they do not want to hold your hair throwing up on the moldy bathroom floor.
Find those people that mirror your values, beliefs, morals, and who you have the best time with.

5. Take those quiet moments.

Everyone needs a moment alone. Away from the crowd, under your covers, watching a Lifetime movie. Take those moments to meditate. Appreciate them, savor them, and take them. 
Also, don't be afraid to get away. A few of my friends and I snuck off to the nearest big city for a trip to Whole Foods. 

6. Immerse yourself.

The worst thing you can do for yourself in this new culture is restrict yourself, i.e. not socializing. Sitting in your dorm all day is not the way to have the "college experience." There is a balance between being a hermit and being sent to the hospital for exhaustion, find that for yourself. 
Also, the town where your college is is more than likely not going to be your hometown. Go out and make yourself a part of this new place. Stop in the stores, converse with the shop owners, walk for some coffee, you are now a member of this new place - take advantage of that!

These are the lessons that I have learned as of my first month. I will keep you posted on the experience through thoughts, pictures, and stories. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

How do these things happen to me?

I don't know how I swing it, but I somehow always manage to find myself in the most uncomfortable situations. We're talking, Larry-David-Curb-Your-Enthusiasm kind of awkward. Now that I am living in a tiny college town, my awkward moments have seemed to skyrocket from bi-weekly to hourly.
Basically the most happening place here is the local Kroger grocery store. I am, as you all already know, quite a foodie - I graze constantly. My fridge is fully stocked due to my food addiction and necessary daily grocery shopping excursions.
So, a few days ago, I ran in to get some snacks and restock my mini-fridge. After making my way down every aisle - can't resist - I finally realized it was time to leave before I bought out the entire store. I noticed that all the lines were full besides one bored-looking checker. After a quick hello, I set my things down not prepared for what would come next.

As any courteous consumer, I inquired about her day and how she was doing. I noticed a flash of sadness in her eyes and knew I was screwed, I couldn't escape now. And this is why her line was the only empty one:

Me: How are you doing today?
Glenda: (long pause) Not well.
Me: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Are you okay?
Glenda: (eyes filling with desperation) No, baby, I'm not. I think my boyfriend broke up with me

               Just out of curiosity, how would you not be
               aware if you are still dating?

Me: Oh that's horrible. I am so sorry.
Glenda: (tearing up) It's alright, he had a horrible drinking habit.
Me: Well, Glenda, you are so much better than that. This is probably the best thing then.
Glenda: You're probably right, (full blown tears) but we been together two years n I love him.
Me: But Glenda, you need to respect yourself enough to say no. He isn't good for you.
Glenda: I know, baby. You are so right.
Me: I know you can do so much better.
Glenda: You're right baby, I can. (Sobbing)

This all occurred while checking out my groceries. How do I manage to place myself in these situations? Just lucky, I guess.

I then told her I would be back to visit her, I will keep you all updated on the Glenda-front.